limestone plinth
Carved limestone plinth, French, probably first quarter 20th century, in fine condition. 14 1/2 inches high, top 13 inches square.  $750
Massive Terra Cotta Vessel with Stand, 36 x 25 x 25 inches.  $1,500
  flower frogs
A wide range of American Art Pottery flower frogs. Inquire.

flower frogs
A wide range of unusual metal flower frogs. Inquire.
terra cotta rhubarb forcer
English terra cotta rhubarb forcer, circa 1900, in good condition, 19 inches high, 19 inches across.  $750
Cement mushroom colony in fine condition, 13x12x16 inches.  $550

Monumental dovecote with 56 entries, fashioned as a log blockhouse with copper roof, reportedly from a Boy Scout camp, circa 1925. Untouched original condition, 43 inches high, 43 inches square at the eave.  $1,600
staddle stone   staddle stone
19th century diminutive staddle stones from England, 20 inches high, 17 inches across.  SOLD

  carrier for cut flowers
Early 20th century galvanized carrier for cut flowers, probably from a flower market.  SOLD
  House model
Pebble house model with three stories, balcony, and stairway, American, circa 1900.  SOLD, Gramercy Garden Antiques Show.

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