statuary & sundials

Harvest atop plinth
Cast cement putto depicting "Harvest" atop associated solid cast cement plinth. Fine condition with a good surface, early to mid 20th century.   $1,450
Nicely detailed composition stone statue of Pandora, English, mid 20th century, 32 x 9 x 9.  $675
  Slate sundial
Slate sundial with brass gnomen in fine condition. Signed John McMaster McHare and dated 1841. The base is a granite baluster from a London bridge, probably last quarter of the 19th century, a recent mount. See detail on right.  $3,800

Slate sundial
View of John McMaster McHare slate sundial on left.
Slate sundial
Large, weathered slate sundial plate, dated 1855, with original bronze gnomen.  $1,650
Woman with Baskets
Composition stone figure of a woman with baskets, English, mid 20th century, 27 x 11 x 8.  SOLD

AngelCarved marble angel. English, circa 1870.  SOLD, Private Buyer. Cherub
Cherub in composition stone. English, circa 1930.  SOLD, Trade Secrets.
  Woman sowing seed
Zinc figure of a woman sowing seed, French, circa 1885, mounted on a Connecticut fieldstone base. Some professional restoration. 41 1/2 x 18 x 12 inches.  SOLD

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